a con and a pro.

these days, i’m on my computer almost 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. i have joined the masses of office workers (although my office is currently a cluster of desks in one corner of a dark warehouse. soon we’ll move back to our summer office: a single wide trailer on the farm, complete with an adjacent porta-potty.) somehow we scored 5 hyper-ergonomic desk chairs, leftovers from a microsoft upgrade, but still i am SITTING for HOURS in front of a SCREEN. by the end of each day my legs hurt from being crossed this way and that, my neck is stiff, and my eyes are zapped. how is it that so many people do this everyday without  batting an eye? i stumbled upon this article about the negative effects of sitting…also know as the “the smoking of our generation” !!! not very encouraging.


on the upside, now that i’m captive to the computer i ought to be able to make a more regular habit of writing here. so while my lifespan may be shorter due to the stationary nature of my job, at least it will be well documented! stay tuned.

*illustration by barbara cooney. mostly unrelated, but includes sad-looking sitters. 


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