flower time.

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we visited a friend in portland, or last weekend, which is a few hundred miles south of bellingham, and a few weeks ahead of us in the flower department. you can see where this is going. the trip undoubtedly included nighttime flower missions and the secret snapping of branches. it’s become quite the problem…

in addition to foraging for flowering branches, we did some other lovely, less illicit things while in portland. we went to the oregon coast on a half-sunny day to picnic and watch surfers. we ate some amazing food, which is difficult no to do in portland (the highlight was a scandinavian breakfast at broder’s.) and we made the requisite trip to powell’s books where i finally got my hands on a copy of Wilder Quarterly, an artful, brooklyn-based (of course) publication”for people enthralled by the natural and growing world.” it was inspiring to flip through, and to find an essay/interview with an oyster farmer on the damariscotta river!

this weekend, g is gone visiting his brother in tahoe.he was hoping to get in some spring skiing, but tahoe is strangely grey and wet these days, so they’ve gone to yosemite in search of sun. even more strange, the weather forecaster announced this morning that it will be “oppressively sunny” this weekend in northwest washington. i guess that’s my que to head to the islands.



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