flower time.

we visited a friend in portland, or last weekend, which is a few hundred miles south of bellingham, and a few weeks ahead of us in the flower department. you can see where this is going. the trip undoubtedly included nighttime flower missions and the secret snapping of branches. it’s become quite the problem… in … Continue reading

to vancouver!

we’ve lived in northwest washington for two and a half years now, but had not once been to vancouver until just last weekend! we’d heard rumors of a big metropolis to the north, more akin to new york than seattle, with a bustling chinatown, and much more diverse population than white washington. we made a … Continue reading

a few good things.

a handful of things to share with you today: this real time wind map of the us. so cool! this beauty of a food blog friends at sugarhouse creamery, where we spent new years 2013, are ramping up for the farming season. follow them and their two cute pups and one-eyed cat here:¬†http://sugarhousecreamery.tumblr.com/ for my … Continue reading


mr grant haynes has a shiny new website. i must say it looks pretty slick! go on over and take a gander! granthaynes.com

a rare occasion.

i stopped at the farm and snuck into the greenhouse this morning. i needed to remember why i was here. it’s easy to forget, holed up in an empty warehouse amidst a maze of office complexes and concrete, that things are growing and coming to life. the skagit valley is a funny place, and unlike … Continue reading

a con and a pro.

these days, i’m on my computer almost 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. i have joined the masses of office workers (although my office is currently a cluster of desks in one corner of a dark warehouse. soon we’ll move back to our summer office: a single wide trailer on the farm, complete … Continue reading